MidnightBSD 0.7 發布,FreeBSD 衍生系統

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MidnightBSD 0.7 發布,此版本主要是穩定性,ZFS 和導入包工具改進。從 0.6 版本升級需要在構建之前安裝 src/kerberos5/lib/libroken。安全改進:

  • expat - multiple integer overflows have been discovered in the XML_GetBuffer() function in the expat library;

  • kernel - fix a security issue on amd64 where the GS segment CPU register can be changed via userland value in kernel mode by using an IRET with #SS or #NP exceptions;

  • TCP Reassembly resource exhaustion bug - there is a mistake with the introduction of VNET, which converted the global limit on the number of segments that could belong to reassembly queues into a per-VNET limit

更多改進請看發行說明Download: MidnightBSD-release.iso (780MB, SHA256, pkglist)。

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MidnightBSD是從FreeBSD派生出的操作系統。該項目的一個關鍵性目標是創建一份易於使用的桌面環境,並使用圖形化的ports管理,以及 採用GNUstep的系統配置。該操作系統的主體將沿用BSD許可證。MidnightBSD是FreeBSD 6.1 beta的分支。

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