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在KDE里裝了一個Gaim上Google Talk,不過一直沒有聲音,非常不方便,有消息來的時候都沒法提醒,在Ubuntu的論壇上搜索到了一個解決方法,如下:

在gaim的sounds選項卡里,把Method設置成command,然後在下面的框中輸入"aplay -q %s",這樣gaim就能發音了。

aplay [options] [file]

Play sound files using the ALSA sound system. The related arecord records sound files.

Print help message, then exit.

Print version and quit.

List available sound cards and digital audio devices.

List all PCM (pulse-coded modulation, or digital audio) devices that have been defined. PCMs may be defined in the .asoundrc file.

Select a PCM device by name.

Do not display messages.

Name the file type used. Files may be voc, wav, raw, or au.

Use n channels: 1 for mono, 2 for stereo.

Specify the sample format. The sample formats available will depend on hardware. For CD and DAT output, use the cd and dat shortcuts, which set the sample rate, format, and channel numbers all at once.

Set the sample rate in Hertz.

Set an interrupt for n seconds after playback begins.


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