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1. Tsclient
在登錄界面輸入對方的IP,用戶名,密碼單擊連接,開始連接。將XP,Vista Terminal Service這個服務設置成「已禁用」可以實現多用戶登錄。

在終端輸入:rdesktop -u administrator -p 123456 -r sound:local**


-u: user name

-d: domain

-s: shell

-c: working directory

-p: password (- to prompt)

-n: client hostname

-k: keyboard layout on server (en-us, de, sv, etc.)

-g: desktop geometry (WxH)

-f: full-screen mode

-b: force bitmap updates

-L: local codepage

-A: enable SeamlessRDP mode

-B: use BackingStore of X-server (if available)

-e: disable encryption (French TS)

-E: disable encryption from client to server

-m: do not send motion events

-C: use private colour map

-D: hide window manager decorations

-K: keep window manager key bindings

-S: caption button size (single application mode)

-T: window title

-N: enable numlock syncronization

-X: embed into another window with a given id.

-a: connection colour depth

-z: enable rdp compression

-x: RDP5 experience (m[odem 28.8], b[roadband], l[an] or hex nr.)

-P: use persistent bitmap caching

-r: enable specified device redirection (this flag can be repeated)

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